CharacterLocationDateLearning Opportunity / Discussion Points
Paper BoyState Library Victoria3/11/1910State Libary Victoria established 1854 - oldest public library in Australia. Newsboys Foundation established 1897.

Discussion: Many paper boys worked for the Bourke Street Rats (led by Squizzy Taylor). Why?

Constable Barclay

Constable Ryan

Exploration Hotel

(Bennetts Lane)

3/11/1910Scene of the crime. 1910 first motor vehicle ambulance in Melbourne.
Vast quantities of champagne, gin and absinthe bottles found in archaeological dig.

Discussion: Why did the police use a door to carry the man to hospital? What are your first impressions of the crime?

Maud GunterRussell Street Police4/11/1910Old Melbourne Gaol established 1842. Maud Gunter was a powerful woman in Little Lon (called Squizzy Taylor a “little worm”). Could do flying kicks and used a hat pin as a weapon. Strong ties to the Chinese community.

Recommendation: Take a City Watch House tour to see where John Evans was locked up for grevious bodily harm against Ernest Gunter.

Cecilia Hamilton275 Exhibition Street
5/11/19101910 free kindergarten opened for Little Lon families. New job opportunities for women. Aimed to reduce high infant mortality rates in Little Lon. Many toys uncovered in archaeological dig.

Discussion: What was the impact of the first kindergarten in Little Lon?

John EvansBrittania Wine Bar
28 Corrs Lane
(Prev. Brogans Lane)
7/11/1910John Evans member of Bourke Street Rats Push (gang). The disreputable Brittannia "wine bar" and (narrow) lane way was the scene of many crimes.

Discussion: Study the chilling poem 'Brogans Lane' written by Louis Esson in 1910.

Ernest GunterMelbourne Hospital
210 Lonsdale St
9/11/1910The Queen Victoria Women's Centre testifies to the contribution of women to Victoria's social, economic and cultural heritage. The whole block used to be the Melbourne hospital.

Discussion: Early medical theories & procedures from 1910. Changing use of buildings over time.

Rev. Alexander EdgarWesleyan Church
148 Lonsdale St
10/11/1910Reverend Edgar was a persuasive evangelist and social reformer. Early childhood story of Ernest Gunter and Sunday picnic races for children from Little Lon.

Discussion: The role of the church and social welfare in slum district.

Ernest McAuliffe

Minnie Barry

Old Black Eagle Lane
42 - 44 Lonsdale Street
10/11/1910Illegal Two Up Schools in Old Black Eagle Lane. Gambling culture & police raids. Now only legal on Anzac Day.

Discussion: What is the history of Two-Up? What makes it a part of Australian culture?

Constable Barclay32–34 Lonsdale Street10/11/1910Court system from 1910 – Coroner found ‘death by misadventure’ so there would be no criminal trial. Alias names & multiple identities in Little Lon.

Discussion: Study the newspaper articles written about the Two-Up raid and other articles about the Misadventure In Little Lon crimes.

Cecilia Hamilton17 Casselden Pl10/11/1910Last single story workers cottage in Melbourne. Using legitmate businesses as a front for illegal
operations, e.g. Lolly shops as a fronts for brothels.

Discussion: Whose side of the story did you believe and why?

Maud Gunter

Thomas Brown

Oddfellows Hotel10/12/1910Oddfellows Hotel - original building from 1853. Remnant of early social life in the slum quarter. Vast quantities of oyster shells found in archaeological dig.

Discussion: Why was Maud so bent on revenge? What would you do in Maud's situation?




Old Exhibition
11/12/1910World heritage site listed building.

Discussion: Challenges of life in Little Lon in 1910.

Recommendation: Visit the Melbourne Museum to learn more about the artefacts hidden in the game and on display in the Little Lon exhibit.