A fun, educational and captivating game.

Eastern Market Murder’s true-life characters and events provide a glimpse into Australian history. I even took it upon myself to study more into persons and events showcased in this game. I truly love what True Crime Games has done and … Read More

Score: 4.5 out of 5 fortune-telling teacups

I loved it. It is truly compelling. And fascinating. And solvable. I promise you, there is an ending. I have no idea how you will feel about it but I promise you there is an ending.” Read full review on … Read More

Fantastic Interactive Crime Game

We opted to play the game offline as we are still in lockdown and we had so much fun. The virtual characters were amazing and the story line kept us guessing. We had the pleasure of playing the first true … Read More

The Best Day Out In The City

“Wow we had such a great time using this amazing app exploring the city and solving the mystery. It’s very clever and so engaging for adults and kids alike. After this I’m more in love with Melbourne than ever and … Read More

AR True Crime Tour Opens A Virtual Window To The Past

“Between the meticulously researched history and the inventive use of technology, the game blends the past and present together in a super satisfying way. It’s the most impressive example of AR that I’ve seen yet.” Read full review in New … Read More

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