Fantastic fun

We took a group of 12-15 year olds to Melbourne and did this as an activity. They had a fantastic time. So much to learn,see and do. A worthwhile activity and the game developers were so welcoming. We’ll be taking … Read More

A great immersive experience!

We were so excited to play this game and found the experience completely captivating! I’ve lived in Melbourne most of my life and knew almost nothing about Little Lon and these diabolical characters. Brilliant for the visitor and local alike! … Read More

Sparked conversation, interest and curiosity.

We partook in Misadventure In Little Lon true crime game, it was wonderful, eye opening, took us to places we barely ever wander, sparked conversation, interest and curiosity. Loved it!

Amazing way to explore the city!

Finally an app that gets us out of our homes and traversing our awesome city, learning about the crazy stories that this city was built on. I’ve learnt more about the true history of this town in a couple of … Read More

Spectacular, heartfelt & forgotten stories

Misadventure In Little Lon is an exciting romp through the streets of Melbourne, as the player uncovers the incredible historical rollercoaster of a story of Ernest and Maud Gunter. From the moment I opened the app, I was in awe … Read More

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