Frank and Annie Would be Astonished and Delighted

Warren Maloney, Family Historian |

As a great Grandson of Frank and Annie, it gives me much pleasure to
endorse the tremendously creative and dedicated work done by True Crime Games in
producing, and delivering, the Eastern Market Murder Mystery.

There was a high-risk side to the venture from my Family’s viewpoint. We had handed down
the oral history and enhanced it with further research and publications. These were two
much loved Family members, and Frank’s murder had on-going emotional links through the
five generations since the 10th April 1899.

Emma and Andy were taking us into an unknown medium that we hoped would
communicate the story and its layers of mystery and justice to a new generation. And they
did just that!

Frank and Annie would be astonished and delighted that their story, and the colour of the
Eastern Market lives on 120+ years later.