Spectacular, heartfelt & forgotten stories

Nicholas Cole, Park Ranger Radio |

Misadventure In Little Lon is an exciting romp through the streets of Melbourne, as the player uncovers the incredible historical rollercoaster of a story of Ernest and Maud Gunter. From the moment I opened the app, I was in awe as I encountered a young boy selling a newspaper in my backyard. I had travelled through time and space and it felt like I had become the protagonist of a Sherlock Holmes novel.

The world comes to life in front of you, through the screen of your mobile device as you question suspects, investigate crime scenes and discover the misadventure. The game offers a unique experience that is rarely seen in video games, a chance to journey through an Australian true crime. Incredibly, Misadventure in Little Lon provides exactly what it sets out to offer, with fantastic voice acting, dialogue as intriguing as an Agatha Christie novel, drama straight out of Underbelly, as well as telling the spectacular, heartfelt and forgotten stories of the victims.

Players who are visiting or live in Melbourne will have the option to explore the historic heritage locations with the On-site mode, but if you’re like me and live externally, you can play the Off-site version and experience it from the comfort of your home. Overall, your likely to get through this game in an hour which may seem short to the average player, but the contained storyline offers a dynamic and immersive investigation that will draw in an excite both crime enthusiasts and gamers. By the end of this game, I was so immersed that I closed the app and re-opened it immediately, knowing that I wanted to experience it again, but this time on my trampoline. As a gamer, a Journalist and an emerging crime journalist, I’m excited for future entries in the True Crime Mysteries series and if you love a good mystery or if you love discovering the forgotten histories of Australia, these are the games for you.